We work with candidates, strategists and politics enthusiasts

We know how to team up with our clients providing what they need during the campaigns: accurate, reliable and in-depth data

  • Exploring the context: the social and political atmosphere of the State, District or Municipality politics where the election is going to take place.
  • Profiling and understanding the relevant segments, how to create a bond with them – their cognitive and emotional contexts, who they are and what shapes their opinion or behavior.
  • Finding rational arguments and emotional reactions upon which opinions are strengthened or faded.
  • Identifying the beliefs, gossip and feelings underlying a given political positioning and the drive that causes casting a vote.
  • Discovering the emotional tone and meanings found in a social discussion on the electoral process and key stakeholders.
  • Assessing and perfecting communication methods: slogan, image, picture and message testing.
  • Having an additional external validation source for surveys, by feeding questionnaire development and identification of inconsistent data collected during quantitative and qualitative exercises.

We understand our clients’ world and pace; therefore, we provide them with structured data reports according to their needs and we cooperate with their schedule and budget.

Our experience includes collaboration with candidates for Federal and Local deputy seats, municipal majors and governors in over 10 states of Mexico.