Using publicly available sources, this in-depth method allows us to construct accurate database and theoretical frameworks. In this way, we identify all the stakeholders and their interests or perspectives with regards to the issue of concern. This type of method provides us with a robust hypothesis and sound starting point to our fieldwork.

    • We recur to official statistical sources (e.g. INEGI, INE, CONEVAL, CDI, etc.))
    • We compile web media reviews to find out standing points, identify key stakeholders and speech lines that allude to the topic of interest.
    • We carefully review academic papers and research published about Mexico or similar experiences anywhere in the world.


Group sessions gatherings with individuals that share socio demographic or geographic characteristics that is to be impacted by our clients’ infrastructure projects.

Group conversations offer rich insights composed of the participants’ voice and interactions. Driven by enabling the individuals to discuss, compare and defend their arguments, this technique offers multitudious data that takes into account different perspectives.

It is ideal when evaluating communication materials, deliberating negotiations conducted prior to reaching agreements or consultations.



One-on-one meetings with individuals whose characteristics, positioning, career or relevance in a community make them particularly interesting (and usually hard to reach). We understand our interviewee’s mindset, actions, perspective and relationship with our topic of study. This technique allows us to achieve higher levels of trust when approaching sensitive issues.


One-on-one interview with individuals from a relevant sociodemographic faction or segment of interest. We distribute identical questionnaire that includes open-ended questions ito a relatively small sample. This type of interview enables us to make data comparisons easily while allowing our interviewees to answer in their own terms.


Anthropological study of natural social contexts. A researcher observes and interacts with the population without altering the regular dynamic of the community. Through observation and spontaneous interactions with the locals, we capture the overall mood with regards to our topic of study, the degree of relevance of a candidate or project, the community’s current living conditions, and traditions, etc. Moreover, it enables us to create a visual log of the physical/social conditions and characteristics of the place under investigation.


We conduct face-to-face or phone surveys.