Using our own methodology, Zsea Investigación creates a psychosocial portrait of the social sphere where planning and development of diverse infrastructure projects take place

In Zsea Investigación, we understand the relevance of energy infrastructure projects for investors, communities and the future of the whole country.

Our area of expertise is understanding, sizing and conciliating the interests and lifestyles of different social groups and communities.

We believe in doing things right from the very beginning for the best interest of all involved parties

  • This will result in a lower investment of non-planned expenses when negotiating with communities and while managing impact mitigation.
  • Conducting Social Impact Assessment prevents operational delays as our clients meet the local and international standards issued by the Ministry of Energy (SENER) and multilateral organizations such as the World Bank and IDB.
  • SIA also allows the company to leave a positive social footprint in the country.

Making use of quantitative and qualitative tools, we deliver:

  • Social Base Line Studies
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Characterization of Indigenous Peoples and Communities
  • Social Impact Assessment
  • Social Management Plans and Community Relations

SOCIAL IMPACT ASSESSENT will allow the developer to maximize the benefits for the community, while creating an optimal risk management strategy and minimizing costs.

Zsea Investigación have conducted SIA for wind, hydrocarbon, pipeworks and oil pipeline, mining projects as well as urban infrastructure projects.

We are happy to work with developers and consultants, end customers or intermediaries, government agencies and international entities,